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"I don’t ship Haruhi with anyone cause she’s a girl"

"You can’t ship her with him, he’s obviously gay!"

"I don’t like OHSHC because it isn’t yaoi"

"I only ship male!Haruhi with people"




I was about to get a level 89 shiny Crawdaunt when the communication had an error….I think the person who was going to trade it was a dick and ruined the communication so I couldn’t get it in the first place….

Makes me sad.

Poor, poor Isaac… xD

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A child stands before a crowd, 
Stirred yet not awoken from his long slumber.
Two pillars stand before the distraught young man,
A horror untold, a secret to be unfold. 
"Are you afraid of the dark?" A strange child said,
What’s to be afraid of if one is dead?
The Red Parade is beautiful don’t you know?

Come along, you have no choice,
You must come to see.
Come now Alice,
We must Rest in Peace  

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